A Healer Can Get Hurt

I don’t believe that an energy healer can ever be protected ‘enough’ from the negative influences of others. When you heal someone with your vital life force (known both as either Qi, or Prana), you transmute that sick person’s life force. In fact, one of my trusted spiritual sources tells me that most energy healers in Asia die of a heart attack. (In the United States it would be hard to say if this is true as the majority of Americans don’t think about the invisible elements that surround us, and affect us whether we ‘see’ them or not.)

Anyway, my main objective in sharing about the human aura was to introduce feng shui enthusiasts to the idea of how we are affected by the energy of the person we are attempting to help with feng shui. So, in this comment to you I am providing a warning now to so-called feng shui masters.

My own personal experience is that I have felt the karmic effects, repercussions, of helping someone, even at a distance. Part of my experience has to do with the magnetic aura which surrounds each of us and extends out for as far as the energy can reach.

As I am touching, so am I being touched.

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