Did You Have a Happy Thanksgiving?

Here in the United States we recently finished celebrating one the largest holidays of the year, Thanksgiving. It is a time when friends and family come together to share an autumn time feast consisting of one major meal of the day. (Originally Thanksgiving was to celebrate a successful harvest, and the spirit of cooperation between the white man and the Native Americans of North America.) Now-a-days people often fly or drive across country simply to be with loved ones once again on this special holiday.

As you can probably imagine there are lots of emotions tangled up in a celebration where you’re expected to act happy and nice to everyone, where many people coming together might not have seen each other for the entire rest of the year. During such a day the atmosphere of room where two or more come together crackles with live energy of those inside. If even one person in the room has some negative energy radiating from them you cannot help but be a little ‘touched’ by it. If you happened to have had a spot at the table next to a person radiating negative energy I feel sorry for you. Usually too, it’s more than one person giving off negative energy. No wonder you feel exhausted and sick by the time all of the guests leave, or by the time you head back to your own home.

Maybe you’re asking yourself now, I’ve heard this term before but what is negative energy anyway?

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