GHOSTS: Beings from another dimension

The Chinese classify ghosts and spirits in great detail. I’d just like to mention what seems to be the two most common types encountered on television programs shown in the United States such as “A Haunting,” and “Ghost Hunters.”

Let’s say you are investigating a ghost who seems to be doing a repetitive action like slamming a door. Let’s say the ghost is the dead sister of someone who used to live in the house. There are few possibilities for what kind of a ghost can be creating such an annoyance:

  1. If the sister passed away at young age, her earthly energy within this world is still strong, and her soul will remain in a Bardo (intermediate/transition) until her ‘rightful earth years’ are exhausted.

Another options is:

  1. The sister has lived her life, and she knowingly chooses to be reborn inside of the ghost realm. The ‘ghost’ then cannot rightfully be called the sister but that ‘energy’ does carry the residual memory of the sister’s past human life. But she is no longer the ‘sister’ but has many different characters.

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