GHOSTS: Beings from another dimension

There is no specific hard and fast rule that says a person will be reborn in the ghost realm. (If you’re reborn in the ghost realm then you are a ghost!) When you die and are in the transition state between life and death your habitual tendency will be guiding throughout the journey, the mind will decide. You carry along with you memories and habits. Most knowledge you learned doesn’t come with you. In short, whatever is in your heart will most probably accompany you. Whatever is in your brain will be left behind. It will be your refusal to let go of attachments, a stinginess, that is the main thing that will cause you to knowingly enter the ghost realm. Therefore, in order to meet higher spirits you need to have a noble heart.

Sometimes, a ghost does not mean to hurt anyone it is just that the ghost’s energy is at such a low frequency it can harm a human’s physical body. But what if a ghost bites or slaps you? It means you’ve probably upset him.

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