“Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” -Buddha

Sometimes we get caught up in our routines. We focus on our limited telescopic viewpoint of the scenes closest to us and forget about the bigger picture. We can’t remember how we got into our current situation we only know we’re doing the best that we can with what we have.

If you look back on your life you’ll see that it was a series of movements and you can examine the many changes you went through to get where you are today. Some things you chose for yourself and other things that happened to you were completely out of your control. You always have options. True, sometimes those are limited. But this is because of prior decisions you made. Some people call this Karma.

Many people use Feng Shui cures/enhancements with the desire for immediate transformation of this or that situation that they’re experiencing. Usually it is something unpleasant they want changed. However in Esoteric Feng Shui we don’t use mirrors, wealth toads, wind-chimes, or other things like this, to ‘cure’ Qi. Simply put- if your outside environment supports it there are applications to your interior environment that can help you, (if the movement is possible within the room), to make those more positive changes sometimes happen very suddenly. That being said, you must also put forth your own effort or you’ll miss opportunities that are to be taken advantage of that are glaring you in the face.

In working with Qi, keep in mind that the longer you stay in one place the stronger you’ll be affected by the Qi of that place. Some folks will claim that all of their bad luck happened the day they moved into their new house. This is unlikely. It is more plausible that the old negative energy that has been following them around hasn’t changed yet, and the affects of the new place are not being felt, although if the Feng Shui arrangement isn’t right, after a while the affects might be just as bad but in a different way.

As a test of this you could go sit in front of a fan blowing in your face for hours upon hours. How would your face feel once you left that spot? How would you feel for the rest of your day? Do you think it would affect the choices you made for the day? Would you be a little blurr? You are not consciously aware of it but Qi is having an affect on you body and brain all of the time.

In using Feng Shui we try to ‘balance’ our life is such a way that when change does come, as it always does, it is not so alarming or discomforting for us. No one likes or wants a shock to their system. Having a bright mind is also ‘key’ to making good decisions for yourself so that your life proceeds smoothing.True Feng Shui can help you make the changes easier on you.

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