The Beginning…

What are we here for? What does this question have to do with feng shui?

How many of us desire for more ‘things’ in life: a beautiful body; to be rich; a own huge house and a fast car; to be powerful at work? But what does all this mean without family? In the ancient Chinese culture the family ‘force’ was seen as the most important and vital root of life.

When I began my feng shui journey I was looking for great change in my life. I was putting out a lot of energy in finding a new job, looking for a relationship, trying to pay my bills, and yearning to travel to Europe. I thought that I was doing my life all right, yet I was seeing no results. It was hard for me to believe that the Universe was not supporting me. I knew there must be some other key…

I had become friends with some of the folks that worked at the New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland, Oregon, and I asked them if they had ever heard of anyone who practices feng shui. They said ‘yes’ and gave me her phone number.

That was over 10 years ago and I have learned more about feng shui then is contained in any books on the market.

Probably many of you, like me, would like more wealth, recognition, to have good health and better personal relationships. Let me share with you- the first place to start making these things ‘change’ is within your own heart and mind. Then feng shui can help you make it a reality.

Hold together with your loved ones in times of crisis, reach out to them to overcome the difficulties in life. Try to see the good in life even in the worst of times. Learn to appreciate at least one thing a day.

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