The Human Aura, My Electromagnetic Spectrum

My human aura is kind of like the earth’s magnetosphere. My aura is the first barrier between me and other people, objects, and the atmosphere, before my skin. Like the earth’s magnetosphere, my human aura can feel when someone comes near me that is not of the same vibration, and my aura will react to them. My aura can even detect changes in the weather before they happen, sending me into a total migraine attack by the time a storm has blown into my town.

earths magnetosphere
“Like the earth’s magnetosphere, my human aura can feel when someone comes near me…”

I’ve seen the aurora borealis one time on a plane flight to Europe. It’s a glorious show of flashing colors. Charged particles smashing with atoms causing an explosion of light. Human auras work much the same way. (Bet you didn’t know you are walking around with a negative or positive electrical ‘charge,’ did you? In Esoteric Feng Shui, this fact can explain a piece of the “why me” questions when things are going wrong…or right.) If I could see the human aura it would be a beautiful thing to behold.

The human aura is a complex thing to explain so I’ll over simplify it for you. Science says our physical body is a solid that is not really a soild. What do I mean? Science says that our bodies are made up of particles and waves of energy, at the same time. In other words, what my mind experiences as a solid is actually a pattern-play, a matrix of interwoven energies, vibrating at different frequencies of intensity. So, my ‘energy’ aura does not merely exists outside of myself. Instead, all of me is energy and my aura is interwoven throughout, extending even outwards from my body.

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