What Is Negative Energy?

I’m sorry that I left you hanging in November with the question: What is negative energy? Well, if you didn’t experience it after the Christmas shopping crowds, crazy traffic or travel, or with your own family and dear friends around the holiday dinner table, consider yourself blessed.

Thoughts of aggression, hatred, worry, anxiety, fear, and anger, drain you of your personal strength and positive vitality. Most of you have experienced an ‘energy vampire,’ someone who makes you feel lethargic, listless, and heavy. These feelings are the effects of negative energy and if you’re experiencing any of these your body has more than likely been ‘contaminated’ with it. It may appear that even the plants in your house droop while a person with high -ve enters your place.

You absorb energy into your body through your aura. In tantra, the aura is thought to be the manifestation of the Chakras, the Nadi, Prana and the Bhindu. The brightness and colors of a person’s aura are the indication of their strength. Prana literally means WIND. Prana travels in certain routes called Nadi. Bhindu (sometimes typed as Bindu) is the essence of Life Force, also called your soul.

The human body is like a capacitor. It receives the energy and radiates it back out. If you’ve been receiving -ve in your environment you will send it back out. If you receive negative energy from others it’s likely that you are projecting negative thoughts onto them from within yourself. If you are projecting a negative image of yourself to the world then normal people will “stay away” from you. You can even experience an “attack” coming from someone at a distance. It’s a form of energy something like electronic jamming, a type of psychic warfare.

If it’s a high enough -ve that you’ve been exposed to for a greater amount of Time then you’ve put yourself at risk of the negative energy penetrating into your Life Force. If your soul becomes contaminated with negative energy it will cause you extreme mental problems and/or a severe illness that can even kill you.

Energy itself is neutral. It’s how you use it that makes it negative or positive. (In feng shui it is Time that determines whether energy is negative or positive.) My dear friend Hermit once told me-

MIND is an ocean.
Thoughts are merely waves on the ocean.

When you soften your heart by virtuous thoughts the goodness radiates from within to the people in your environment. In Tibetan Buddhism it’s believed when a person changes their mindset to the good, the knots in the channels in your body will be slightly un-tightened. Since the flow of wind gets smoother while moving throughout your body it’s believed that you will have fewer obstacles and the impact of the negative things you do experience will become lesser.

We have to accept imperfection in people as well as in feng shui. But negative thinking people give off negative energy and there are things you can do to lessen it’s impact on yourself. One way is to stay out of large crowds, especially keep out of bars. Another thing is to avoid people in your life who you feel lower your vibration.

A great way to decontaminate yourself after exposure to negative energy in the form of other people’s thoughts and actions is to take a sea salt bath or by using a sea salt scrub. It absorbs the negative energy from your aura.

In my next post I’ll share with you the ‘Life Giving Flower Bath’.

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