Esoteric Feng Shui

Esoteric Feng Shui remains a secret even in the 21st century with its theories and methods still hidden from the outside world. The sacred art and science of it is shared with only a select lucky few, and in ancient times its students were required to recite an oath, as well as sign a written one on paper, that they would not divulge their knowledge. The written oath was then burned in a ceremonial fire and those who broke their silence would suffer the wrath of heaven’s fury.

The name for esoteric Feng Shui is Xuan Kong Liu Fa (XKLF). Because of it’s continued secrecy, and possibly because no one has ever translated the XKLF classics into English, it has remained concealed to the Western world until now. Esoteric Feng Shui has several schools which possess slightly different interpretations over some concepts, so even if one were to read and contemplate the XKLF classics they wouldn’t gain any benefit from it without receiving genuine instructions from an authentic XKLF master.

T’an Yang Wu (TYW) was such a master and became the modern day found of XKLF in the 1940s after learning it from the Taoist priest Lee Chen Xu in 1929.

After learning XKLF from the Taoist priest TYW went into silence, studied, and experimented with it by himself for eight years. After that time he chose to teach the sacred science to only a select group of students.

In addition, he gave away the books he had written about a technique he called “Flying Star” Feng Shui or “Fei Xing” (FXFS). He no longer believed in FXFS nor had any faith in it’s theory and application. Unfortunately, this FXFS is taught to be authentic by many so-called masters. However it doesn’t bare any resemblance to XKLF. In fact, the famous TYW made an apology in a major Chinese newspaper during his lifetime explaining to the public that he no longer practiced nor believed in what we call today the “Flying Star” method (FXFS).

The Xuan Kong Liu Fa method TWY learned from the Taoist priest was as below and consists of the following six applications used in conjunction with each other:

A. (玄空) XUAN KONG (Flying Stars- Stars of the Big Dipper)
B. (金龙) JIN LONG (Golden Dragon- 5 Yellows)
C. (雌雄) CI-XIONG (Two Pieces – Yin and Yang)
D. (挨星) AI-XING (Stars Array)
E. (城门) CHENG MEN (Castle Gate)
F. ( 太岁) TAI SUI (Celestial Jupiter- Space and Time)

Even to this day, I am aware of only one XKLF master who teaches it and right now he has very few students. He has said before, “The student is looking for his master, and the master looking for his student.” This is an age-old process for keeping profane knowledge away from the general public who might knowingly or accidentally abuse it. This living master is actively using XKLF and places importance on both LF’s Li-Qi (theories) and Luan Tou (landforms.) He promotes real case studies as a means to proving the authenticity of XKLF.

While there were other students of the late Master T’an Yang Wu their descendants who learned XKLF are rare to find. To my knowledge there is not one XKLF master that holds the true lineage from TYW on the North American continent. A small handful of authentic XKLF masters probably exist in the East, living humble lives and keeping their sacred knowledge held close to their hearts to pass on to only the next deserving few.

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