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What is the purpose of your Feng Shui website?

One of my objectives is to establish the validity of esoteric Feng Shui. The way I see it, Lillian Too did a good job of introducing the concept of Feng Shui to Westerners. The others that followed her pushed the doors open even further. Only now we have a flood of unreal Feng Shui on the market.There is so much confusion about what is ‘real’ Feng Shui these days. There are several different Feng Shui ‘schools’ of thought: Black Hat, Intuitive, Compass School-Flyiing Stars (FX), Compass School- Landform, Eight Mansions, Da Gua. Every self-crowned Master acknowleges the other schools have different techniques, but their answer to the confusion is simply to not mix and blend them. Know this– Real Feng Shui is powerful and manipulates the laws of nature. Unfortunately, people with open minds have gotten lost while searching for the truth. It’s all become like one big blur.

There are so many Feng Shui websites on the Internet. Why should I believe you? How is your website any different from the others?

Fengshuifacts.org is unique and unlike any other Feng Shui website. First, I am not a self-crowned Feng Shui ‘Master,’ nor am I an apprentice of esoteric Feng Shui. Second, I am not selling you my services. Third, I am not selling Feng Shui ‘cures’ or ‘enhancers.’

What is Feng Shui?

In ancient times as well as today, Feng Shui was known as “Kan-Yu” which means ‘The Law of Heaven and Earth.’ The first time in recorded history that the term ‘feng shui’ was used was in the Book of the Burial written by Guo-Pu: “Qi rides the wind (feng) and scatters, but is retained when encountering water (shui).” Just as with the original Masters of Feng Shui, today’s lineage holders of authentic Feng Shui know how to choose and use the most beneficial qi. Today we call the skills they possess–‘Feng Shui.’

I want a Feng Shui audit of my house. How do I choose a Feng Shui Master?

I wouldn’t choose any Feng Shui ‘Master’ in the industry today to audit my house. They lack the true esoteric knowledge of Feng Shui and therefore if they happened to achieve any success it would be merely because of chance and not because of the technique they used. If you are suffering from a severe health problem I suggest you complete the form in the Case Studies link.

Will I be charged a fee if I have a health problem and want your Master to audit the place where I live?

No you will not be charged a fee if it involves a sickness case. In the traditional Chinese way though, when a Feng Shui Master applies a metaphysical ‘solution’ in helping anyone, the person on the receiving end will give the Master a red packet with some money in it. This is to signify to invisible beings around them that they are helping based on a business basis. In this way, the invisible beings won’t harm the Master for possibly interrupting their revenge.

Who are the real lineage holders of esoteric Feng Shui?

Today, just as it was in ancient times, esoteric Feng Shui knowledge is top secret. During the Tang Dynasty the Japanese government sent scholars to learn Feng Shui from the Chinese but they declined.
This special esoteric knowledge is not revealed to just anyone. Each lineage holder can transmit to only a few apprentices. If T’an Yang Wu had not disclosed its existence we would have no idea of the true teachings. (He was taught by a Taoist priest.) Even so, what is written in books and available to the public about esoteriec Feng Shui may only be seventy percent of the entire teachings. (One would have to be a genius to understand even this without the guidance of a true teacher.) The other thirty percent is believed to be transmitted only to the apprentices. The transmission of authentic Feng Shui has been going on without other’s notice since time immemorial. Incidentally, most lineage holders live normal lives and prefer to stay like a ‘hidden’ yogi. They are like hermits who never want to be known by others.

Will hanging a mirror redirect the flow of qi?

No. Qi cannot be directed by using a mirror. Qi rides on the wind and settles in water and thus we look for the passages it traverses throughout the landscape, in the shape of the surroundings, as well as the way it is affecting us based on our sleeping location within the home.

Will hanging wind chimes stop bad qi from harming me?

No, it will not stop bad qi. (This is a wrong concept to have about qi as well.) The idea of hanging wind chimes probably comes from ancient China, when the local people believed that the ringing of a bell could reach the world where spirits dwell. Because of this belief, Chinese Buddhist monks had Holy Scriptures embossed on some large temple bells. It is written in certain scriptures that High priests of Buddhism also received ‘feedback’ from spirits that the temple bells had helped them in overcoming sufferings. But hanging wind chimes in and outside of your home– is in fact thought to attract ghosts.

Does my house have a sitting and facing direction?

In esoteric Feng Shui, sitting and facing are relative to your location in the environment. Is there a sitting? Yes. Is there a facing? Yes. However, it is not used in the same way as it is in other Feng Shui schools.

I have a missing corner in the NE section of my house. Will I always be poor for as long as I live in this house?

If you want to grasp this feng shui one needs to drop the concept of a ‘missing corner.’ The terminology of ‘missing corner’ is not accurate in describing what can be lacking in your environment to make it a ‘safe’ place to live.

Should I paint my wall a certain color to bring a particular kind of luck?

This idea stems from the Four Pillars astrological chart. In Four Pillars it is believed that if you are missing a certain element in your star chart make-up you may be helped by wearing the color or introducing the color associated with your missing element into your home environment. This is not a part of authentic Feng Shui.

Will hanging a picture of a mountain behind my back at work bring me more support from superiors?

Hanging a poster, painting or picture of a mountain behind yourself at work will give you no support from qi at all. In addition, some Feng Shui practitioners claim that hanging a picture of a mountain behind your bed will bring you a good nights sleep. While it may psychologically influence you because you want to believe that you are protected from negative forces, the image itself actually does nothing physically to change the chemistry of the qi inside of your room. This is not an application of real Feng Shui.

Will hanging a picture in front of me that has water in it help me to become successful in my career?

Unfortunately an image of water in front of you, no matter how special, will not help to accumulate and restrain qi. REAL water is a powerful element in feng shui because it has the ability to collect qi. Your location in relationship to real water, the amount of water present, and the stillness or force of it will all contribute to the affect of qi on yourself.

I have a fireplace along my NW wall. Is that bad?

The placement of fire in the NW in relationship to your position can be good or bad depending other surrounding forms. In general terms, fire in the NW is good until the year 2017, when we enter period 9.

Will my luck change if I have plastic surgery?

Face reading is a part of Chinese metaphysics. It is believed the soul resides in the body and manifests outwardly through forms so it is readable by certain features. Changing the features on your face does not change the attributes you were born with or your DNA pattern. For better luck, first change your attitude.

Does a Master of esoteric Feng Shui use the date my house was built (called a ‘period’) to create a Flying Star chart?

No. In authentic Feng Shui there is no such thing as the ‘period’ of a house and the year the house was built is not used to create any charts. In addition, a Flying Star chart is not created using the year the roof went onto the house. A house is considered ‘dead.’ The belief in and application of this FX method stems from a misunderstanding of the Yi-Jing as well as to the feng shui practioner’s lack of understanding certain astronomical occurrences of importance.

Should I ever take compass directions from inside of my house?

No. A ‘magnetic compass’ is nothing but a detector for very slight magnetic fields created by anything. It’s made of a small, lightweight magnet balanced on a nearly frictionless pivot point usually called the ‘needle.’ Almost all metal objects inside of your house and any jewelry you are wearing will affect the reading. The magnetic field of the Earth is fairly weak on the surface. Make sure to always take the compass directions from the outside of your house.

I’ve heard that true north is used instead of magnetic north in esoteric Feng Shui. Is this correct and if so why use true North?

The magnetic compass needle points toward magnetic north, not the North Pole. The difference between the two is called the angle of declination and it varies from area to area around the Earth. The reason for using true north has been kept secret and only revealed from Master to his apprentices.

Are you a Master of esoteric Feng Shui? Will you audit my house? Do you charge a fee?

No, I am not a Master of esoteric Feng Shui. Because I live in the United States I might help in gathering data for the Master or apprentices because they don’t live in the U.S.. I do not charge a fee. If you are having a bad medical condition or medical crisis and would like to know more about it from a true Feng Shui perspective please use the Email me and Case Studies links as the Master or his apprentices may study your situation and advice accordingly. They will not charge a fee for their help.

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