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Esoteric Feng Shui is a non-religious discipline. The word “religion” can be defined as: A set of common beliefs and practices generally held by a group of people, often codified as prayer, ritual, and religious law.[1] Feng Shui does not involve prayer, ritual or any religious law so therefore cannot be categorized as a religion, or even a spiritual faith. One does not have to have ‘faith’ to see that Feng Shui affects all of life. FENG SHUI DOESN’T FIT THE DEFINITION OF THE OCCULT

Can Esoteric Feng Shui be considered an occult practice? Not by it’s modern definition. The term “occult” is a skunk word and is such because it has many different and often mutually exclusive meanings.[2] Generally speaking, most conservative religions from every nation view and label occult wisdom as evil or satanic. But Esoteric Feng Shui has nothing to do with evil or satan.

It might be said that Esoteric Feng Shui works with the secondary, invisible ‘Spirit Principle’ of Nature. Nature is feminine, and to a degree, objective and tangible, and the (secondary) Spirit Principle that fructifies it is concealed.[3] An Esoteric Feng Shui Master works with the metaphysical laws of the Universe by using the manifest limitations here on earth to effect a positive outcome, the degree of achieveability depending on the manifest forms. She does not worship the secondary Spirit Principle. It is religions of every race that have deified and worship the secondary Spirit Principle.

Esoteric Feng Shui involves guidelines concerning: the Yi-Jing, (cosmology, development of the universe and particle physics); astronomy (observation of the movement of the planets within our Planetary System); polarity, (magnetism, yin and yang, the Law of Attraction and Repulsion); and the geographical characteristics (physical shape and form) of the earth’s surface. The quality (positive or negative), quantity (weak or strong force), and type of qi (of the 8 directions), are all carefully considered and examined in Feng Shui. WIND AND WATER

The literal translation of Feng Shui into the term ‘wind-water’ has created an extreme misunderstanding of the true art and science. Some say the term come from the translation of a phrase from the 4th century AD book, called the Book of Burial, attributed to Guo Pu. The English translation of the phrase being thus:

“Qi rides the wind (feng) and scatters, but is retained when encountering water (shui). The ancients collected it to prevent its dissipation, and guided it to assure its retention. Thus it was called Feng Shui. According to the laws of Feng Shui, the site that attracts water is optimal, followed by the site that catches wind.”[8]

However, the original statement may have come from an earlier classic called, “Qing Nang Jing,” (Prologue to the Green Satchel.) This book explains the formation of the universe. In its last chapter it states that: “Topography has four kinds. Qi comes from eight directions. External Qi is in shape. Internal qi grow with limit. Qi will be destroyed by wind and stopped by water. Therefore it is in form of five signs. Then we use eight triagrams and follow sexagenary cycle.”[9] It’s clear that the fundamental principle of Kan Yu is not solely knowing the qi of physical wind and water. THE WORK OF AN ESOTERIC FENG SHUI MASTER

Masters of “Esoteric” Feng Shui are taught the secrets of co-creating with the Universe and must take a vow of silence to never reveal the mysteries. A person having the skillful ability to place a living person, or their mortal remains, within a geographic location to receive the purest, most potent, and beneficial qi, is called a “Master” of Feng Shui.

However, one may dabble in understanding the process by reading the following books, arguably, the most important books ever written about Feng Shui:

1)’The Icy Ocean of Geomancy’ 《地理冰海》by Gao Sou-Zhong (高守中)
2)’The Minor Supplementary to Geomancy’《地理小补》by Liu Jie( 刘杰)
3)’The Criterion of Xuan Kong’《玄空法鉴》by Ceng Huai-yu (曾怀玉)
4)’The Union of Form and Qi’ 《形气得一》by Huang Wen-Chao (黄文超)
5)’The Connotation of Xuan Kong’《玄空本义》by Tan Yang-Wu (谈养吾)
6)’The Fine Points of Periods’《元运发微》by Lu Zuo-Zhou (卢作周)
7)’The Supplementary to Clarification & Qualification on Geomancy’ 《地理辯正翼》by Rong Xi-Xun (榮錫勛)[10]

The above mentioned books, (so far available only in Chinese), are written in cryptic and coded words and one must have the ‘keys’ to unlock the truth about Feng Shui and comprehend their genuine meaning. As it has always been, “the Laws of Heaven and Earth” are safe-guarded from the morally corrupt because the core sacred knowledge is unwritten and must be orally transmitted from Master to selected apprentices. FORM DETERMINES FUNCTION ON EARTH

Feng Shui effects the physiology and the psychology of a living person whether a Feng Shui solution to a problem is applied correctly or inappropriately. (It also affects the physiology of any living creature or plant.) How the effects are achieved are yet unknown to the general public through ordinary scientific testing, so for now it is rightly considered a metaphysical practice.

However, forms determine function here on earth and there are degrees of effectiveness as finding all of the physical characteristics necessary for a perfect Feng Shui spot are rare. Such a site is called a Dragon Lair and Esoteric Feng Shui Masters that can find them keep their locations close to the vest. Today, authentic Dragon Lairs seem to be reserved for the dead and for the hidden purposes of the Masters and apprentices.

If the right physical conditions exist, an ‘authentic’ Esoteric Feng Shui Master can help you to greatly improve your outlook on life by placing you in the correct position in your environment. She will know the type of qi you are receiving, whether it is negative, positive, lacking or in excess, and can tell you what you are experiencing now, as well as inform you what to expect in your future. We live in a world of limitations so remember that there will always be little ups and downs. Unfortunately too, sometimes the things about where a person lives cannot be changed and the negative impact will be so harmful to the person that she will advise them to move, or else suffer the consequences.

An Esoteric Feng Shui Master will often extend help to those suffering from a medical condition, or experiencing severe emotional distress in relationships, or dealing with extreme financial hardship. Just don’t expect her to help you become rich and famous, although she knows how to do it. She is more concerned with your *safetly*, that is, averting disasters in relationships, health and weath. KAN-YU: THE LAW OF HEAVEN AND EARTH

In ancient times as well as today, Feng shui was known as “Kan-Yu” which means ‘The Law of Heaven and Earth.ҠTo understand Esoteric Feng Shui one needs to study the Yi-Jing. In Chinese “Wu-Ji” is the great void AND plenum simultaneously, while “Tai Ji” is the first point of creation.

There is an inherent law not only on the primordial plane but in our manifest world of matter, and it is that there is no rest or cessation of Motion in Nature. That which seems at rest is only changing from one form into another. The change in substance going hand-in-hand of that of form. Motion is eternal in the un-manifested and periodical in the manifest.[4] THE ONE ETERNAL ELEMENT

Motion is the One Eternal Element and it’s containing vehicle isSpace. Through the process of evolution, moving from inward to outward forms, Spirit manifests itself descending into the material plane.

Modern science says the cause of the universe is a random quantum fluctuation. As for the process, It has the Universe expanding faster than the speed of light for a very small fraction of a second at it’s very inception. It’s called the inflationary model. The question of cause stops there.[5]

But “The Causes of Existence” means not only the physical causes known to science, but the metaphysical causes, the chief of which is the desire to exist. (This is connected to karma.) This desire for a sentient life shows itself in everything, from an atom to a sun, and is a reflection of the Divine Thought propelled into objective existence, into a law that the Universe should exist. These desires becomes more and more concrete as they approach our plane of existence, until finally they phenomenalise in the form of the material Universe, by a process of conversion of metaphysics into physics, analogous to that by which steam can be condensed into water, and the water frozen into ice.[6]

Science ignores the metaphysical ideas which are the only conceivable cause of physical concretions. ZERO POINT: WHERE DID IT GO?

The “zero point” is a vibrational energy that molecules retain even at the absolute zero of temperature. In physics we learn that when heat is intensified around random molecules they begin to move faster. So, it might be expected that the molecules would stop moving and come to a rest when the temperature is reduced to absolute zero. In fact, the energy never vanishes. Although it can’t be explained as yet by modern physics what makes something seemingly disappear from our human view when pressed to vibrational extremes, the object in fact was just raised to a higher or lower level that is imperceptible by any means to us at this point in time. That’s why we continue to call Feng Shui a meta-physical art and science. TRUE NORTH (The Celestial North Pole)

Early Feng Shui relied on astronomy to find correlations between humans and their universe. The celestial North Pole was used in ancient China to determine the north-south axis of settlements.[11] The exact reason why true north is used in esoteric Feng Shui remains a secret to the general public to this day. True north is still to be used instead of magnetic north when analyzing homes of the living or potential grave sites.

The ancients examined how planet particles affect the electromagnetic field encircling the earth. Someone who uses magnetic north without computing for an area’s declination is ignoring heaven’s influence upon the life of man. ELECTROMAGNETICS AND ESOTERIC FENG SHUI

Esoteric feng shui is the art and science of working with the electro-magnetic field that influences the earth and galaxies. This web-like field is like one form of energy, a giant “matrix.” All planets are objects in this huge cobweb. Science tells us there is such a thing as Cosmic Magnetism consisting of: 1) electricity; 2) magnetism; 3) Sound; 4) Light; 5) Cohesion. In esoteric feng shui, the energy is divided into two parts: the one in the earth; and the one above the ground.

If we say that esoteric feng shui works with the electro-magnetic matrix, and the reason we use feng shui applications is to make our life better, we have to ask ourselves, “Do electromagnetic fields have an affect on me?”

Well, recent scientific research shows some evidence that electro-magnetics fields can have a positive affect on the brains of animals. (mice, in particular). An experiment known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, that involved placing a magnetic coil on the outside of the skull and generating a magnetic field around the brain, yielded some interesting results. In a May, 2007, Times, article, John Rothwell, of the Institute of Neurology at University College London, suggested that TMS may strengthen the links between cells. In addition, the scientists also found evidence of pronounced stem-cell expansion in the hippocampus, a region that is involved in memory. Is it a far jump then to say that electromagnetic fields can also have a positive affect on the human brain?

Of course there has also been research showing the negative affects and the stress that electro-magnetic waves put on the human brain and body. For example, the numerous cancer cases associated with electro-magnetic waves. So who is right? Are electromagnetic waves good, or bad for us? Well, why can’t they be both good and bad for us? What if there is a variable?

We live in this web-like, electromagnetic field crossed by innumerable invisible lines. When we put an object within the field, the field will charge, (negatively or positively), the object, according to the field’s density. Density depends on form, (land form/layout). Everything is charged, even the dead, but the living things will show tangible effects. Each compass direction segment of the Lou Pan is itself a “field.” When the planets move, they reform the density of every dot in the cobweb. It is a constantly changing matrix, but to the human eye it appears to almost never change.

When we speak of esoteric feng shui, we analyze the affects of the earth’s own electromagnetic field, plus those of other planets, on people, in particular. Based on a number of specific calculations, one of them being the “charge” of a field, it can be determined whether a person will experience good or bad luck. This is one of the reasons why in helping a person with esoteric feng shui, we are focused on locating the proper place for the person within his environment. FINDING TRUE NORTH

To find TN (true north) we do use a compass but we add the declination of the location to the given reading. My suggestion is you get the best compass you can for an esoteric feng shui reading. The difference of just a few degrees can make a difference in the outcome of events, (also having to do with the timing aspect), if someone is placed in the wrong position because of an inaccurate compass.

What does a magnetic compass do? It detects even very slight magnetic fields created by anything. It’s made of a small, lightweight magnet balanced on a nearly frictionless pivot point usually called the needle. Almost all metal objects inside of your house and any jewelry you are wearing will affect the reading. The magnetic field of the earth is fairly weak on the surface. Make sure to always take the compass directions from the outside of your house. “TRADITIONAL” OR “CLASSIC” FENG SHUI”

I want to be clear here. Those schools of Feng Shui known as ‘traditional’ or ‘classic’ Feng Shui are not what the ancient Chinese used. Any Feng Shui school using the Xuan Kong or Flying Star charts NOT associated with Liu Fa is not the same as the Feng Shui the ancients used.

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