The Tale Of Two Tall Buildings

Once upon a time in Batu Pahat, Malaysia, there sat facing each other a Chinese Society building and a Hindu temple. For many years they had peacefully co-existed.

Originated in India or China. The lion is featured in Buddhist lore, being the mount of Manjusri

For those of you who don’t know, the country of Malaysia sustains a diverse culture, with a mixture of religious heritages. The most influential ones there being Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus.

Now, one day the Hindu committee in charge of taking care of the temple there decided it was time to rebuild the temple’s old dome. Only, when they made their plans, they decided they would make their Hindu temple’s dome larger, and taller, than it had previously been.

Whether it was intended to show force or not, when this monumental structure was completed, it was higher than the Chinese Society building. In fact, the new Hindu temple dome towered over it, and put a tremendous pressure on the Chinese Society building.

Not long after it was built, one by one, the Chinese Society committee members began to fall sick. They had no choice. Something had to be done. They called a Tibetan Buddhist who was also a Feng Shui master for help.

The Feng Shui master surveyed the site and took note. He examined the landscape and other buildings surrounding the Chinese Society building.

He had a solution. He asked the Chinese Society committee to close all the windows and doors of their building that faced the Hindu temple. They were also instructed, they should hang a black Lion’s Head used in the Chinese Lion Dance on the second floor balcony, facing the Hindu temple. The Feng Shui master also wrote a Buddhist mantra on a yellow piece of paper, asked them to frame it, and hang it above the Lion’s Head.

When the heavy wooden doors of the Chinese Society building were permanently sealed shut, the Luan Tou effect of the high Hindu temple dome, (with hundreds of statues on it), was reduced. The people in the Chinese Society building are now not exposed directly to the pressure of the dome.

In addition, the fierce looking black Lion Head creates a LT (Luan Tou) effect towards the Hindu temple. The Black Lion Head is seldom used in the Lion Dance. Furthermore, the mantra used is of the ‘White Umbrella’ – Dugkar (Tibetan). This wrathful mantra, placed above the Lion’s Head, creates a spiritual uneasiness. This particular mantra is seldom used because it is only for attacking or defending.

Not long after the Chinese Society committee members made the corrections, one-by-one the committee members of the Hindu temple fell sick. One of them even went crazy.

With the power of Feng Shui, and the power of the mantra, the negative Qi sent towards the Chinese Society building had been reversed.

Moral of the story: “Love thy neighbor.”

(This is key advice to all who practice real Feng Shui)

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