The Taoist Take on Evolution and Energy

Charles Robert Darwin must have good karma. People still celebrate his birthday today. He’s the man who brought us, “On The Origin of Species” in 1859, the theory of evolution by natural selection. It’s hard to believe that in 1859 the ‘modern’ theory of atoms was only 6 years old, and the world was thought to be a mere 6000 years old.

I mention Darwin because in learning Feng Shui, it’s nice to understand how things evolve. (Although it’s been said that knowing the theory is not necessary if you’ve been taught the proper FS application.) And energy, according to Taoism, had a role in creating our world.

It’s believed that the I-Ching arose from Taoism, and Feng Shui is the material application of the I-Ching principles of energy to our physical environment. Taoism shares some similarities to Darwinism but it doesn’t compliment it. Yet Taoism doesn’t offer any straightforward answers. It is more like a puzzle.

In Taoism we believed in a heaven and earth, and from Nature there came the beings. Thus the earth and it’s life forms are not created from divinity. According to Taoism, everything is constantly moving………It’s the Natural Law. In the beginning everything was homogenous. Then over time they separated and formed different energies. The heavier ones produced Yin and sank to create our earth. The lighter ones produced Yang and floated to heaven. When they mixed, they created beings.

In addition, there are different categories of Yin and Yang. They can be divided further. Some are lighter Yin or Yang, and some are heavier Yin or Yang. Yin and Yang are mutually attracting and opposing forces. By their fundamental natures, they are equal in all respects but forever separate entities. It is like Ci-Xiong, the concept of Male and Female. Without this differentiation it would mean no living things.

Taoism agrees with Darwinism to some extent, but not all of it. Depending on where these different types of Yin and Yang energies met and mixed, different forms were created. The modern evolutionary theorists tries to trace human life back to “Lucy” from Africa. Taoist beliefs don’t fit with that assumption. Ask yourself, “Why do we find so many different human-type skeletons that only share some similarities?”

Where Taoism is concerned, different types of humans could have been in existence almost simultaneously. They could have been in today’s China, Africa, America, India, or anywhere, all at the same time, if the conditions were right. In Taoism, the reason we have so many creatures in this world, such a variety, (including humans), is because these energies met and mixed in different environmental conditions.

Taoism believes that the world is a mirror to the sky. Whatever energies appear in the universe will be materialized on earth, as an emanation. This is also a Feng Shui concept.

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