The Trinity of Luck

There is such a thing as the three types of luck. Bad luck and good luck is a combination of these three:

  1. Heaven Luck: This is the luck you were born with. It tells us about the qualities that lie within you, that you brought to this planet with you.
  2. Man Luck: This is the luck you create for yourself.
  3. Earth Luck: This is Feng Shui.

To begin, Heaven Luck, will tell you the path that you are on and what is most likely to happen in your life, as an ordinary person. We can learn a lot about you by using the date and moment of your birth as a reference point when we study the Chinese 4 Pillars astrology chart. Although it is difficult to change your destiny, your Heaven Luck can be changed, through your own positive actions.

No other astrology is as accurate in predicting life events as 4 Pillars astrology. Why do I say this? Because 4 Pillars astrology is the only astrology that says we humans are an aggregate of 4 elements. 4 Pillars astrology will show your weaknesses and strengths, your entire composition. No other astrology on earth takes into account our entire being.

Second, Man Luck is your own mental thoughts, feelings, emotions, as they turn into actions, thus creating your own karma on earth.

A person with a Bi-Polar “DIS- order” of the body, is actually experiencing a chemical imbalance in their brain. The thoughts they think, the way they treat themselves, and the way they behave towards others, all of this falls into the category, “Man Luck.” By doing good deeds for others they could develop GOOD merit. When a person accumulates enough good merit, heaven smiles on them and they can change the course of their life by reducing negative Karma that happens to them.

Earth Luck is Feng Shui. The electromagnetic energy of the earth, in combination with the waves coming from outer-space, affects not only our brain patterns, but also the cells in our body. Because of DNA, the treatment of the bodies of the dead affects the lives of their living descendants.

In the beginning, Feng Shui was originally reserved for use by only the kings. The correct burial location ensured that king’s descendants continued to acquire their ancestor’s good luck. Of course, those same concepts could be applied to their living surrounds, and they were again used by the ancient kings to enhance their own luck.

Way back then, the average Joe did not have a chance of using, or learning the REAL Feng Shui. In fact, today’s average Joe still does not have a chance of learning it, or using it, today.

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