Differences between Medicine and Feng Shui

– by the Great LF Master Tan Yang-Wu.

Zhu-zi (朱子) pointed out that :” Being descendants, one should learn medicine and geomancy (fengshui). Reason being both arts bring benevolences to our parents and ancestors.”

Should everyone know Medicine, then medicines will be inexhaustable. Should everyone know geomancy, good burial lands and dwellings will be easily accessible.

As we all have parents, and we are also parents to our offsprings. And, the compassion and kindness that directed to our parents are of nature. Based on this ground, if we happened to be competent doctor, we will provide medical assitance to our parents, as well as parents of others. In the same way, if we are skillful practitioner of geomancy, we will rest our parents at right places, and we will certain do the like to parents of others.

It is impotant in Geomancy, you do not strive for good places (burial ground) that will yield wealth and nobility for either yourself or others.

Medicine doctors can make medicine as their career. But, geomancy practitioners can not make providing consultation as their source of income, instead they should only provide necessary help to those with virtues.

Whether one could successfully acquire a good land will all depend on his/her merits. It is definitely beyond the control of FS practitioners .

For medicine, the doctor is the sole person who diagnoses, checks and prescribes treatment ; the patient has no single say throughout the whole process. The effect of treatment can be observed within a short period. However, for geomancy which concerns longer term benefits in future, its effects will only be obvious after quite some times.

When medicine takes effect, everyone are rejoiced. When fengshui takes effect, it seems nobody will applause. Why ? It is not being ungrateful, it is due to the fact that the effects were taken place after a longer period( as compared to the time took for medical treatment to take effects).

You can pay to acquire a doctor’s service, but you have to depend on right karmic-conditions in getting a FS practitioner’s help. To those who cultivate virtues, meeting a competent master and eventually acquired a good land would not take too much effort and time.

Unfortunately, we have many FS practitioners out there who apply their skills acquiring good land for people who do not deserve it. And, factually, most of these practitioners faced tonnes of obstacles in their later life – which served as punishement from the heaven.

In this world, descedants to doctors who had been sincerely practising medicine for the benefits of others are still enjoying prosperities as the gift from the heaven. Thus, FS practitioner who practises geomancy for the sake of benefiting others will too be enjoying the like.

Heaven treats all beings with great equality. Medicine doctors who treat their patients lightly or carelessly will certainly be cursed.

So, your life depends on the path you are choosing to follow.

This is my advise from my heart to all the FS practitioners.

Kindly translated by:  千葉衣

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