Flower Bath, Returns Me Back to Life Everytime

If you’re feeling sick, emotionally down, or tired, you might try a life giving ‘flower bath.’ Just a quick reminder though, in the world of feng shui, this is not a feng shui cure. Feng shui is about working with the electro-magnetic energies that surround us. by manipulating our position in our environment. But this flower bath is a sweet relief from illness or when you’re feeling sad. I’ve tried it myself several times and it always picks me up.

Your aura will absorb life giving energy from fresh cut flowers

The flowers you use for a flower bath cannot be dried because dried flowers are dead flowers. When you are not feeling well your body needs life giving energy.

Having said that, some may ask me whether putting a few drops of a Bach Flower essence formula called, “Rescue Remedy,” into your bath might work the same way. Well, yes and no. Using that in your bath in a pinch is better than nothing but it does not have near the potency of the vital, life giving energy your aura will absorb from fresh cut flowers. (I have used the Rescue Remedy in my bath when I had a particularly bad experience one night that I was not expecting. I used this after decontaminating myself with sea salt.) You can use flowers from your own garden or you can buy them from a florist or wherever you can get some fresh cut flowers.

I also want to make it clear to those interested in feng shui that a flower bath is not a feng shui ‘cure.’

Here is how it is done:

Select one flower for every color of the rainbow. It doesn’t matter what type of flower it is and it does not need to have a fragrance. The reason that different colored flowers are used is because in Tibetan Buddhism it is believed that each color carries a specific energy or vibration. Healing using colors is ‘supplementary’ to other types of healing.

Run your bath water. You can add whatever other ingredients you desire into your bath. Now, you can place the flowers in your bath water with their stems on; or, you can pull off the petals and place only the petals in the water. I like to place the flower petals in my bath while the bath water is running but I don’t place them direction under the water. Instead I just sprinkle them around the entire tub. It’s really beautiful when you do this.

To be effective, you must leave the flowers in the water for no less than 15 minutes BEFORE you get into the bath. After the 15 minutes, you need to completely soak yourself and stay in the water for no less than 15 minutes. (You can even try soaking your head in the water.) After the 15 minutes are up you can remain in your flower bath for longer if you like or you can get out.

But the next step is to take a cool shower. It doesn’t matter if you use soap or any other products in your shower. What you’re doing by taking the shower is creating a small amount of negative ions that will also help to elevate your mood.

This flower bath is more than just your conscious or unconscious intention of wanting it to make yourself feel better. It actually will help to heal you. Perhaps the next time you’re sick and cannot muster the strength to get out of bed, you might order a colorful, bouquet of flowers for yourself from online, and have them sent to your doorstep! Why not? You deserve it. Take care of yourself.

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