Kindness Towards Evil People

It’s official. Our old property manager ‘Betty’ is an evil woman. I’ve not even slept for six hours after a twelve hour drive from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California with four cats in the back of a Ford Focus and she’s sprayed the back windows of our house with a garden hose for fifteen minutes. (Those are our bedroom windows and she knows it. Her mother lived in this rental house before her death several years ago.) In the four years we’ve lived here she’s NEVER done that before today. She knows we’re home. Our car has been parked in front of our house since 4 A.M. this morning. The cats flew off the bed and she woke me from a deep sleep. She also put weed killer on the plants that the little birds once enjoyed in my tiny two by four foot front yard, and she didn’t get the unrepairable 1920s wall heater in our bathroom replaced, the one I talked to her about before we left to visit my mom a little over a week ago.

To think I was going to buy this old bitty a box of See’s Candy as a kindness for keeping an eye on our house while we were in Oregon, which is what she gets paid to do working for this same property management company she’s been with for many years now. I want to leave her small piles of dry cat poop in each corner of every room the day we buy our new house and move out for her behavior today. All right.. I won’t do that but right now I FEEL like I want to make her life more miserable as she’s OBVIOUSLY unhappy to be bringing me grief for no reason at all.

❀ How Can We Practice Compassion Towards Really Evil People? ❀

Phakchok Rinpoche says this is very easy:

“When you look at a child who is very ignorant and doing many wrong things, you naturally have more compassion towards that child than to one who does everything right. So you practice compassion like that. Evil people have the same wish for happiness that others do, and they have big problems. The bigger problem is ignored. Because of ignorance they are harming themselves and a lot of other people, this lifetime and in many future lifetimes.

You should gain more compassion for the evil people than for NORMAL people.

So I think a very important aspect of mind training is to experience, to imagine, and to understand all beings, to put yourself in their shoes. When you really understand the problem, the cause of suffering and the suffering all beings undergo, you will have compassion for them very naturally.

Mind is like that. Our mind right now is straightforward: ‘I like. I don’t like.’ It is judgmental. But if we understand the core problem, then I don’t think it is difficult to gain compassion.”

When I’m more awake and can actually drive without being bleary-eyed  I’ll go buy Betty, our childish, 70 year old unhappy and slightly evil property manager, the box of chocolates as I originally intended to do for her. Although it doesn’t matter to my happiness if she appreciates it or not my intention is to bring her some joy. Maybe that small box of chocolates will be the only sweetness she knows for days.

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